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Our firm is dedicated to serving those who are wrongfully injured, and to the fair and just resolution of their claims.  The lawyers at Blackridge LLC have extensive experience litigating thousands of cases involving injuries.  We represent individuals throughout the United States who have suffered serious injuries and death as a result of negligence, defective products, poorly designed drugs and medical devices, and sexual abuse. Our experienced lawyers zealously pursue each and every case to ensure our clients receive their rightful compensation.

Dangerous Drugs

FDA approval does not void a drug manufacturer’s liability for defects or severe side effects that are caused as a result of using their drugs. Drug manufacturers are required to take comprehensive measures to ensure that their products are safe. Failure to disclose any side effects, defects, or other such complications associated with their drugs is negligent and grounds for legal action.

Drug manufacturers must warn you of side effects.  Manufactures are considered experts in the products they produce. Therefore, they must take all reasonable steps to advise users of potential side effects while providing the public with any new knowledge gained of their product.  Unfortunately, this sometimes does not happen and innocent people get hurt.  If a drug manufacturer does not provide the proper notifications and patients are harmed by its drug, the harmed patients may be entitled to compensation.

Medical Devices

A defective medical device poses a serious health risk to people requiring its use. Millions of people use a variety of medical devices under the belief that they are safeguarded from a serious health risk. Medical device defects leave patients at serious risk of incurring a debilitating injury or even death if the issue goes undetected.

Medical device manufacturers are responsible for any injuries or deaths caused as a result of each and every product that they market. In order to safeguard consumers from medical device defects, manufacturers are responsible for testing the safety and efficacy of their products. As such, they are liable for any injuries or deaths that result from a defective medical device.

Products Liability

Manufacturers, sellers and distributors of products are legally liable for injuries and damages that occur as a result of product failure through design defects, manufacturing flaws, or failure to provide adequate warnings and instructions. We have represented thousands of injury victims in cases involving design and manufacturing defects, and inadequate warnings. We have a proven track record of success in products liability cases. 

Consumer Products

Every year, consumers are injured by defective or unsafe consumer products they trusted would improve their families’ lives. At times, it can take hundreds of injuries before a product is recalled or removed from stores. Blackridge LLC is dedicated to holding consumer product manufacturers accountable for the injuries they cause. Our defective product attorneys have significant experience across the United States with all aspects of defective product litigation.

We understand the pain and suffering that both you and your family are experiencing because of your defective product injury. Our passionate unsafe consumer products attorneys will advocate to seek justice for you and your family.  If you have been injured from use of a defective or unsafe product, let us pursue your legal right to recover against the manufacturer of your unsafe consumer products.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse and assault are forms of sexual violence carried out by predators wishing to exert power and control over others.  Sexual abusers are predators that use a position of power to manipulate and dominate – they generally stay under the radar through a disguise as an athletic coach, health professional, professor/teacher, or other position of authority.  Sexual abuse and assault have devastating, lasting effects on survivors.  The mental and emotional scars caused by these acts can last a lifetime.

The attorneys at Blackridge LLC recognize the importance in seeking justice for survivors and will zealously advocate for our clients and ensure their voices are heard.  

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